In 1998 we started to rent bicycles as a family business. The entire family is actually engaged in the bicycle rental business – four children are always there to help the mother and father. In the first summer, we started with just 11 bicycles but over the years our range has constantly increased and presently we offer bicycles for every age, tandem bicycles and also children’s seats for toddlers as well as trailers. It goes without saying that we also provide decent safety equipment which includes a lock and a helmet if necessary.

Our bicycle rental is open during the summer season (1 June – 31 August) in the corner of Ranna and Lehe Street i.e in front of Rannahotell. We are open every day from 9.00–19.00.

However, it is possible to rent bicycles around the year and during the time we cannot be found near the beach, please let us know of your bicycle request through telephone and we will transport the bicycles to the client’s accommodation within Pärnu City during the maximum of 30 minutes. Transport costs 1 euro per bicycle. The rental price also includes any technical assistance, for instance if the tyre of the bicycle happens to break we will change the tyre upon the first opportunity (usually within 20 minutes).


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